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The brand new path of the Andrey Santin Academy on "scalping", or those trading strategies that allow you to operate in well-defined time bands of the day by exploiting the high volatility of the markets, allowing you to open and close operations in a short time and with high profits.


The course is within everyone's reach, both for those who start from scratch (you will find lessons for you with basic concepts), and for those who have been studying and trading in the Andrey Santin Academy or on their own for some time. The latter will in fact have the opportunity to study the strategies we use to do scalping by inserting them into their trading plans.

In the lessons present in this course we will teach you how to do scalping with 2 strategies, starting from the basics up to advanced concepts that will allow you to operate independently.

The topics present:

  • What is scalping
  • How to read charts
  • The volatility of the markets, how and when to recognize it
  • The origin of smart money
  • Liquidity
  • Concepts of supply and demand
  • Price action
  • Reading the news
  • Scalping London session strategy
  • Scalping Wall Street session strategy
  • Psychology in trading
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Requirements to have to access the path

  • Knowing how to use a computer at least
  • Lots of desire to do
  • Have time for yourself and your learning

Additional information

All these points are covered in simple and clear individual lessons that will see both a theoretical and practical part directly on the chart, we will show you how by following simple rules and well-defined strategies you can start operating independently right away, having all the material useful at your disposal.

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